2014 Senior Exhibition Topics and Schedule

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2014 Senior Exhibitions

Topics and Schedule





Greta Binzen

77 Cents for Every Dollar: Gender Biases in Today’s Culture

A look at why women continue to be under-represented in leadership positions.


Wyatt Blanchard

Vermont’s Forests: Past, Present and How They May Look in the Future

The different threats to its forests that Vermont has seen and the outcomes, plus what big threats we see today and if there is anything we can do.


Emma Farrington

Grit & Horses: A Legendary Bond

How the bond between women and horses has been recognized as an escape from traditional social molds and a way to exhibit traditionally “masculine” traits that girls are thought to lack.


Benjamin Hayslett

Lost in Thematic Translation: The Challenges Faced by Playwrights

Unlike other writers, playwrights have their work interpreted by people besides the audience. This presentation will examine the challenges that this poses, and will feature a short reading of an original play.


Liz Mulvey Zaroogian


Avatar: The Last Airbender, the American animated television series, hosts a fantasy world and cast of characters built with the primary presence of red and blue. The cultural connotations are in the characters and the world, but it is the inversion of its meaning that brings realism to the show. CAUTION—SPOILERS FOR THE SHOW


Isabelle Hotelling-O’Connor

Socially Engaged Printmaking: Art By and For the People

Will explore social & political printmaking throughout history and investigate what it is about the medium that lends itself to social & political engagement.




Paul Roberts

Computers Failing Fast: What Comes Next

Exploring the future of technology following the end of Moore’s Law and the silicon chip. Featuring quantum computing, wearable tech and Google Glass.


Ivy Arnold

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”: The Psychology of Post-traumatic Growth

People require trauma and setbacks in order to grow and develop. This new idea of Post-traumatic Growth has caused psychologists to reevaluate the benefits of trauma.

Cora Swanberg

Happy is Nappy

How the media and European beauty influenced how African-Americans wear their hair.


Jessica Chadwell

Race: A Biological Myth

A presentation on how race isn’t biologically real and the consequences of maintaining race as a legitimate social classification in the United States.


Margaret Gish

Severe Weather in Vermont

In Vermont the affects of anthropogenic climate change are becoming more apparent. Floods, droughts, heat waves and precipitation will become more severe and common, effecting Vermont and its people, including you.


Sam Robertson

Fenway Park

This presentation takes a look at the evolution of Fenway over the years, the reasons it has changed and the choice to keep it.




Stephen Usher

The Effect of Adults on Students’ Feelings Towards Math—Why do people hate math?

This presentation will show why through some psychology and data from you.


Stephen Davis

Why We Should Get Tested

Be informed about the potential benefits of DNA testing. Learn about the blueprint inside each of us.

Mollie Faccio

The Continued Civil War

How the Confederate flag is viewed differently in the North and the South, and how it continues to divide the country.


Aoife Fullerton-Meaney

Cars in the Future

Cars as they are now are not environmental. Car companies have to adapt to save the environment, but as they do consumers will lose the culture of emotional attachment to cars.


Rosemary Connelli

Art Therapy: An Outlet for Children with PTSD

Children who develop PTSD at a young age have trouble verbally communicating, but through art therapy children can express their traumatic events and grow back normal brain function and volume.


Teagan White

The Possibilities of Wind-Powered Trade

Looking at the idea of using sail power in the trade industry to replace current unsustainable methods.





Abby Hurwitz

Era X: Society as a Matriarchy

The success of America directly correlates with the success of women. This presentation looks at matriarchy to suggest its implications for modern society.


Amos Byrne

Creative Journeys: Innovation in the Gaming Industry

Quality video game content is a rare commodity today. The innovation of small development teams is where the greatest artistic potential for gaming is seen.


Maddy Fields

The Comfort of Sleep: Do You Feel Safe?

This presentation will discuss unihemispheric sleep, parasomnias and their probable connection to predatory risk.


Hannah McFadden

Shrinking the American Dream Home

What if the answer to having more money, more time and being happier is a small house?


Brian Renfro

This presentation will explore how the Community Supported Agriculture model played into the Sugaring Project’s successful fundraising campaign plus other factors that went into moving the operation to a sustainable point, and will examine possible future plans.


Emery Jenkins

Alternative Energy in Vermont

Analysis of major alternative energies and their potential for achieving energy independence for Vermont.


Caroline Price

It’s Not What You Say, But How You Say It: A Look Inside Nonverbal Communication and Body Language

Ever wonder what crossed arms really mean or how one person yawning can set off the entire room? Body language explains it all!


Aenea Thorne

An Untimely Frost

Brain death, cell death & the history behind it all. How death is wrongly diagnosed in cases of brain and heart death.


Lucien Rosenbloom

The Progression of Snowboarding

Snowboarding came from humble and controversial beginnings and transformed into a world-class sport.

Sierra Dreesman

Pass the Legislation, then Pass the Joint

Although marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol, tobacco and cocaine, it is categorized as a Schedule 1 Substance, with no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.


Cotey Anderegg

Organic Architecture

We will explore the use of plants in the design of passive buildings.