Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Our Board members hold rich and varied experience in a broad spectrum of corporate and educational environments. Many of our Board members are also parents of current students or alumni. What they all share is an absolute commitment to The Sharon Academy and to the education we provide.

Please check our calendar for the most accurate dates for upcoming board meetings.

Board Members

Brad Atwood, President, Sharon, VT

John Roe, Vice-President, Sharon, VT

Edie Farwell, Board Secretary, Norwich, VT

Jed Putney, Treasurer,TSA Class of 2003, Bethel, VT

Todd Binzen, Strafford, VT

Michele Blanchard, Sharon, VT

Tulio Browning, Sharon

Shannon Buskey, Lebanon, NH

Sam Drazin, TSA Class of 2006, Bradford, VT

Stephen Farrington, Stockbridge, VT

Julie Groppe, Gaysville, VT

Michael Heaney, Hartland, VT

Dan Hudnut, Sharon, VT

Wendy Palthey, Tunbridge, VT

Paul Perkins, South Strafford, VT

Sperry Wilson, Strafford, VT

Kenneth Wright, Sharon, VT

Student Members of the Board

Eleanor Frost, TSA class of 2017

Paige Bissaillon, TSA Class of 2017

Cal Hale, TSA Class of 2018

Members of the Board Emeritus

Judy S. Moore, PhD, Founder and First Head of School, Sharon, VT

Jenepher Lingelbach, Barnard, VT