Electives at TSA High School, Fourth Marking Period, 2014

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Successful completion of a class marked with *
earns .25 studio art credits.


Successful completion of a class marked with ^
earns .25 physical education credits.



^Weight Training


Classes will be held at Vermont Law School.  This is a trial basis.  Students will develop fitness regimes, which could be goal or sport specific, consisting of free weight, nautilus and aerobic components.  Females as well as males are encouraged to participate, and all participants should be ready to work hard.  Basic elements of anatomy, physiology and nutrition will be addressed.  Grades will be based on the following components: written regimen, goal sheet, training log, participation and safety awareness.  Assessment methods may include short quizzes, readings or small projects, like presenting an exercise to the class. Successful completion of this class will earn a student .25 PE credits.
Instructor: Steve Basham


^Spring Running


We’ll go running on nearby dirt roads and go out no matter what the weather. Students do not need to be able to run very far or fast to take this class. It is fine to start out mostly walking and then build up the amount of time spent running. The overall goal is for students to increase or maintain their fitness, develop or maintain good exercise habits and get outside. Students will be expected to be outside for one hour every class and one day per week outside of class. They will keep track of this information in a log. Students must show up ready on the first day with: running shoes; synthetic fabric long underwear, hat and socks (no cotton); gloves or mittens; water-resistant shell and wind pants; lightweight synthetic jacket or other warm layer; and a stopwatch or other way to keep track of time. All students will be expected to participate fully every class. Basketball players and other athletes may not take this class if it conflicts with their sport.
Instructor: Larry Satcowitz




This will be a mixed-level yoga class comprised of mostly vinyassa flow yoga centering on Anusara-based philosophy, which deals with goals of self-esteem, self-empowerment and general positivity. The class will be taught using a combination demonstrations and oral cues. There will be several acroyoga classes as well, which will center on collaboration and teamwork. The class will provide an opportunity for students to become more active and experience the mental and physical health benefits of yoga. Students will leave the class with thorough knowledge of surya namaskar A and B, which are forms of the sun salutations.  Instructor: Maddy Fields


^P.E. (females only)

This PE elective will run during the first marking period. Each week we will be doing a different unit comprised of standard PE activities such as kickball, dodgeball, handball, etc. This is a great opportunity for those who want to be active and try new sports and activities outside of organized athletics. Grading is based on attendance and participation. This class is pass/fail.
Instructor: Blake Fabrikant


Fly Fishing


Learn the basics of fly-fishing on our very own White River!  Some equipment is available for loan – everyone who wants to take this class should sign up
Instructor: Carter Glass


*Photo II “Take This Down”

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Photo I or permission of instructor

Students in this class will study and work to create projects that challenge the viewer.  There will be work outside of class, a computer is helpful, and students will need their own cameras.
Instructor: Laura DeCapua



This class will still life painting, learning various techniques for creating edges, for mixing colors, for making grays from complementary colors, and painting wet in wet. We will work on different methods for creating a focus, and prepare to paint outdoors by studying values, practicing washes for skies, and learning techniques to paint landscape elements such as trees, bushes, and water. We will also study and discuss other works from the likes of Winslow Homer, Charles Burchfield, John Singer Sargent, Georgia O’Keefe, Thomas Hart Benton, Jacob Lawrence and others.
Instructor: Jennifer Brown


*Anti Kites

Defy gravity and work with form and space to create sculptures for display.
Instructor: Jay Mead


Mexican Cuisine

What is Mexican Cuisine about?  Mexican cooking beyond and adventure is a synesthetic journey which stimulates each one of our senses, it is a rich experience of seeing, smelling, flavoring, touching and traveling with our imagination to remote places through time. Mexican cooking is about understanding the ethnography, the culture and its heritage.  Mexican cuisine is about celebrating; it is a fiesta of condiments, spices and seasonings dancing in a colorful carnival of textures and flavors. The traditional slow Mexican Cuisine is a ritual, an occasion for family and friends to gather in the kitchen during long hours talking and transforming ingredients into an art of richness that awakens our palates and our hearts.
Instructor: María Clara De Greiff


Exploring the Self through Writing

Use the craft of writing to think about one of the greatest mysteries – yourself.
Instructor: Spike Carter


Beginning Software Development

Students will learn the basics of software development by using the Python computer programming language to work on individual independent game development projects.
Instructor: Jeremy Thorne



Students in this elective ill learn about sustainable growing techniques, and apply them to grow flowers and organic vegetables.  They will explore companion planting, composting and soil enrichment, as well as the intentions behind organic, local and pesticide-free growing.  Students will start seedlings, transplant, form planting beds, weed, water etc.  Students will need to work hard and get their hands dirty.
Instructor: Rob Stainton


Study Hall

This is a not for credit class.  Add four hours a week to your time to study in a quiet, supervised space.  To register for this class, a student must present a written proposal of how their time will be spent productively and submit it to Christa.