College Advising

TSA’s CEEB Code is 460411. You will need this code for standardized test registration and college applications.


The College Search

Naviance is the guidance software we use. The guest password is: TSA  Students and parents obtain their passwords by contacting Ellen Bagnato. Students will search for schools through this portal, build a resume, keep track of potential schools and majors, and request recommendations and transcripts. For other search tools and things to consider when looking for a college, see our College Search page.


Visiting Colleges

Students should begin visiting colleges by the end of 11th grade. We suggest they begin with local schools that aren’t of the highest interest to them so that they can, without pressure, familiarize themselves with the terminology and academic programs at a variety of institutions. For more detailed information, see the  visiting colleges link. If the college offers one, we recommend an interview (click the link for suggestions of questions you can ask or that you might be asked).


Applying to College

STANDARDIZED TESTS: Most, but not all, colleges and universities require standardized testing. All U.S. colleges that require testing will accept either the ACT or the SAT. For more information on these tests, see our standardized testing page.

THE APPLICATION: On our applying to college page, you will find information and tips for filling out the actual application for many schools.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Don’t forget to request recommendation letters well ahead of time. It is best to give your teachers at least two full weeks–and preferably longer–to write your letters.

EARLY ACTION/EARLY DECISION: Should you apply regular decision, early action or early decision, and what is the difference? For many students, applying early action to several schools makes a lot of sense, provided you have all of your applications together.




Financial Aid, Scholarships and Grants

Once the applications are complete, many families will need to apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships. Please visit our paying for college page for resources and links.