Timeline for Junior Year

The following timeline is only a guideline. Please use it to assist you in your planning.


  • College fair in Burlington: TSA takes all juniors and seniors to the annual NEACAC College Fair
  • Parent college night at TSA. Check school calendar for details.


  • PSAT/NMSQT test administered at TSA.

Throughout the fall (generally September through November)

  • Visit with college representatives who come to the school.  The schedule is posted as it is developed. See Naviance for details.


  • Register for spring SAT and/or ACT testing.
  • Switch to PATH with Kimberly Barnhart, where you will start college searches and learn many of the details of the college application process.
  • Create a list of colleges in which you might be interested.
  • Organize college information and brochures.
  • Plan visits to colleges. Take advantage of February and April breaks, or in-service days. Visit a variety of schools, whether you are interested in them or not. Schedule interviews with admissions personnel.


  • During February break, visit a few colleges, if possible. Please note: these do not need to be colleges in which you are interested.  Rather, it is better if the schools you visit first are ones in which you are not interested.


  • Continue to develop your list of potential colleges.
  • Identify standardized test requirements for the schools in which you are interested.
  • Register for the May or June SAT, ACT and/or SAT Subject Tests, as needed.


  • Visit colleges.
  • Review college expectations in the admissions process.


  • Take the SATACT and/or SAT Subject Tests. Plan when you will take tests next year. Do not take ANY SAT Subject Test without specific test preparation.


  • Internship, summer job, or travel. If you have done all the steps above, take a step back and don’t stress over the college application process. You will have plenty to do in the fall.