Research Resources

Whether it is your first Humanities presentation or your Senior Exhibition, you will need to learn how to conduct good research at The Sharon Academy, and these pages can be a great resource for you.  Here you will find links to pages specific to Humanities or Science research, and overviews of important research and presentation skills.

The Craft of Research

The Craft of Research, by Booth, Colomb, and Williams, provides a clear and in-depth overview of the research process.  This is a valuable resource and it is highly recommended you read it at some point in your TSA career.  Here you will find a brief overview of the principle steps guiding your toward a thesis with as little stumbling and anxiety as possible.  As always, schedule some time in the Writing Center for an individual tutorial on any of these steps.

Citing Sources

The Hacker Handbook: These handy pocket manuals can be found at many bookstores, but you can also utilize the web-based resource that includes easy to find citation information for every source you could possibly use, as well as sample manuscripts walking you through important formatting issues.

OWL (The Purdue Online Writing Lab): Another valuable resource that provides a lot of information on source citation as well as a wide array of sample documents, including Powerpoints.