Our Fall Musical: In the Heights!

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Arts, Community, High School, Upcoming Events

Our Fall Musical: In the Heights!

This year’s musical is the multi-Tony Award winning In The Heights.  The play is based in Washington Heights, a neighborhood in northern Manhattan. The story revolves around the themes of college, community and home (both leaving home and coming home again) – themes that seem to resonate deeply with this year’s senior class who chose this musical.  The population of this neighborhood is mainly Latino – from the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Puerto Rico.  The script is heavily spiced with Spanish phrases.  The music is full of the rhythms, syncopations, and harmonies of the islands.  There is lots of wonderfully witty rapping.  And the dancing?  Ooooh, the dancing!

It’s amazing how rich the experience of stepping into a completely different culture can be. While exploring how different the lives of these characters in the “barrio” are, we also learn that no matter what, the commonalities are overwhelming.  Leaving the barrio for college in California is intimidating for Nina, one of the main characters, just as leaving the Upper Valley for college is intimidating for many of our seniors.

Performances are November 22 and 23 at 7:00 at the Chandler Music Hall.  Call 802.318.2428 for tickets.  To learn more about our Annual Interim, click here.  To visit the In the Heights website, click here.