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Use this form to log the time you've spent participating in community service projects.
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  • Reflect on your experience. (The more hours you worked, the
    longer this section should be.)
  • WHAT was the nature of the work?
  • WHY was the work needed?
  • WHAT new skills did you learn?
  • WHAT did you notice about the world that you did not know before?
  • WAS the work interesting or monotonous? Why? How did this work compare with other work you have done?
  • WAS anyone appreciative of your help? How does appreciation or lack of appreciation affect your motivation to help?
  • WHY is this work important? How does your perception of the importance affect your attitude and/or motivation to do this work?
  • WHAT did you notice about yourself as a worker? (hard worker, shy at first but then outgoing, leader, follower... etc,)
  • HOW have you changed as a result of this work?

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