Faculty and Staff Contact

High School:  802-763-2500, fax 802-763-2502
Middle School:  802-763-2531, fax 802-763-7315
Email:  tsa@sharonacademy.net


High School Directory

MAIN OFFICE: Messages for office, students, and to report absences: 802-763-2500 ext. 100


Name Department Extension Email 
Bagnato, Ellen College/Career Guidance 216 ebagnato@sharonacademy.net
Barnhart, Kimberly Social Studies 209 kbarnhart@sharonacademy.net
Basham, Steve Physics / Math 204 sbasham@sharonacademy.net
Behre, Chad Math 210 cbehre@sharonacademy.net
Canfield, Tom Academic Coach Coordinator 231 tcanfield@sharonacademy.net
Carter, Spike Writing Center 202 scarter@sharonacademy.net
Davis, Stephanie Social Studies 208 sdavis@sharonacademy.net
DeCapua, Laura Art Coordinator 217 ldecapua@sharonacademy.net
Eastman, Dave Development and Communications 226 deastman@sharonacademy.net
Fabrikant, Blake Athletic Director 207 bfabrikant@sharonacademy.net
Gish, Kevin Math 221 kgish@sharonacademy.net
Groppe, Carl Technology 206 carlgroppe@sharonacademy.net
Hayslett, Jenn Development 227 jhayslett@sharonacademy.net
Jagoda, Linda Math ljagoda@sharonacademy.net
Leavitt, Randy Facilities 228 rleavitt@sharonacademy.net
Livingston, Michael Head of School 205 mlivingston@sharonacademy.net
Masterman, Cynthia Administrative Support 200 cmasterman@sharonacademy.net
McMeekin, Charlie English 213 cmcmeekin@sharonacademy.net
Mead, Jay Art jmead@sharonacademy.net
Netsch, Gabi Drivers Education 802-558-2897 yankeedrivingschool@comcast.net
Newman, Mary Spanish 222 mnewman@sharonacademy.net
North, Barrie Biology 201 bnorth@sharonacademy.net
Piasecki, Maria English 211 mpiasecki@sharonacademy.net
Riley, Anna Spanish 223 ariley@sharonacademy.net
Sensenich, Kate School Counselor 215 ksensenich@sharonacademy.net
Shekinah, Melissa Bookkeeper 219 mshekinah@sharonacademy.net
Stainton, Rob Chemistry/ Env. Science 214 rstainton@sharonacademy.net
Stumpf, Janice Business Manager 205 jstumpf@sharonacademy.net
Thorne, Sandy Academic Coach/Tutor sthorne@sharonacademy.net
Tolbert, Flo French 212 ftolbert@sharonacademy.net
Tonks, Brian Asst. Head of School, Academic Dean 218 btonks@sharonacademy.net
Vedova, Katie Academic Serv. Coord. 224 kvedova@sharonacademy.net
Velez, Lisanne Biology 201 lvelez@sharonacademy.net
Wurm, Christa Dean of Students, Spanish 225 cwurm@sharonacademy.net
Wylie, Amber Development / Enrollment 220 awylie@sharonacademy.net


Middle School Directory

MIDDLE SCHOOL MAIN OFFICE: 802-763-2531, fax 802-763-7315


Name Department Extension Email
Lane, Andrew Director of Middle School 301 alane@sharonacademy.net
Fallon, Abel Social Studies 303 fabel@sharonacademy.net
Durgin, Christian Science, Math 305 cdurgin@sharonacademy.net
Farrington, Catherine Administrative Support 300 cfarrington@sharonacademy.net
Hoehn, Ralph Linguistics/Math rhoehn@sharonacademy.net
Innes, Marcy Arts, Language Arts 304 minnes@sharonacademy.net
Ward, Pam Student Support Services 302 pward@sharonacademy.net