Every high school student participates in our All School Musical

The high school all-school musical is one of the signature experiences at TSA. The play is produced during Interim, a two-week period set aside to focus on community building and team-work and real world experience.

Each year through the Interim, we challenge our high school students to mount an entire musical production, with students taking on significant responsibility throughout the process. Students run the box office, sell ads for the playbill, source and design the costumes, design the set, choreograph the show, lead the band, and more. These are not token tasks. Adults are not telling students what to do. Adults are supporting students, allowing them the freedom to make mistakes, work through the consequences, and learn a tremendous amount along the way. It is these real-life successes and real-life challenges, experienced within the supportive community of our school, that make the Interim such powerful learning and community-building tool.

All students are required to participate for two years in the Interim and are encouraged to participate for all four high school years. 99% of all students participate for all four years! Students earn ΒΌ credit for each year of their participation. These credits can be applied to the art credit requirements (up to .5 credits).

This year’s musical was Disco Inferno. To see photos from this year’s play, visit our Facebook page, www.facebook.com/tsa.disco.inferno. To download a PDF copy of our playbill, click here. For a “backstage pass” to this year’s Interim production, watch this video, created by Luna Skeet Browning, class of 2016: