67% of our students play a team sport

Because of TSA’s inclusive approach to athletics, over 67% of our students participated in a team sport last year!

TSA’s athletic program strives to develop sportsmanship, enjoyment of athletics, physical fitness, self-discipline, and social development in all participants.  All students are encouraged to participate in TSA athletics and as far as possible, room will be made on TSA teams for all who desire to participate. TSA coaches work to enable TSA students to perform at a safe and enjoyable level in all sports.

TSA’s athletics program is an intentional blend of inclusive and competitive. We are a Division III school in Girl’s Soccer and Basketball, and Div IV in Boy’s Soccer, Boy’s Basketball, and Track and Field. We compete against schools such as South Royalton, Rivendell, Blue Mountain, Whitcomb, and Twinfield.

Middle School – All students are encouraged to explore sports at the middle school, even if it is their first time trying a game or being on a team. Our after-school sports program includes soccer, basketball and baseball. Many students also participate on a rock climbing team. We compete against other local middle schools and depending on the school we are playing and the number of students involved, we may play as a co-ed team or as a boy’s team or girl’s team.

Junior Varsity – At the Junior Varsity level the emphasis is on participation, enjoyment, skill development, knowledge of the game, and physical fitness. Players learn the joy of the sport as well as the incredibly valuable culture of “team.” All ages and levels are welcome. Every effort is made to involve all team members in every game while the game is still competitive. Playing time is allocated with this primary goal in mind; a student’s determination, dedication, and demonstrated interest in the program may be considered by the coach in determining playing time. There is no “cutting” of players at the Junior Varsity level. We often have players on our JV teams who are completely new to the sport, and our coaches focus on helping all players feel welcome and an important part of the team. Seniors are just as welcome on JV teams as first year students.

Varsity – Competition increases in our Varsity teams, many of which rise to playoffs each year. Varsity teams continue the emphasis on skill development and enjoyment with a strong emphasis on achievement of excellence, respect, healthy competition and teamwork. Varsity teams are comprised primarily of 11th and 12th grade students augmented by 9th and 10th grade students who can make a significant contribution to the Varsity team without putting their health/safety and academic standing at risk. Varsity playing time is not guaranteed and Varsity Soccer is largely determined by coaches assessing the needs of the team, the competitiveness of the opposing team, and the capabilities of the players. As a result, some Varsity team members may not play at all in some or several games.