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For the past twenty years, The Sharon Academy (TSA) has provided an environment where students are known, valued, and challenged to reach their potential.

Our strong academics include a focus on writing, questioning, listening, public speaking, and community service. We help young adults find their distinct voices and the confidence and advocacy skills to become the thoughtful, compassionate citizens and leaders our world needs.


This year more than 85% of The Sharon Academy’s students are publicly funded through rural sending towns without their own middle or high school.

Unlike most public, private, and independent schools who establish their tuition based on annual budgetary needs, TSA’s tuition is based upon the Vermont Announced Average Tuition, an amount set by the state ($14,773 for 2016/2017), which is more than $3,000 lower than the actual average tuition of Vermont high schools. This low figure is the maximum that a sending town is obligated to pay to an independent school for the education of one of their students. While most independent schools in Vermont charge additional tuition to families to make up the difference between actual costs and the Announced Average Tuition, TSA has traditionally kept our tuition at the low state rate in order to remain financially accessible to all families from our sending towns. 


TSA has always had a balanced budget and an incredibly lean financial model, yet it still costs over $2,000 more to educate each TSA student than the low state-mandated tuition covers. This is our tuition gap.

In order to preserve our small class sizes and retain dedicated and engaged faculty, The Sharon Academy is grateful for continued support from our community of parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, faculty, staff and friends who help us bridge the gap. Over 250 families and individuals made gifts in support of TSA last year – and we made our goal of raising $275,000! This year, we must again raise $275,000 to meet our budget.

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To learn more about ways to support TSA or how you can get involved, please read about Ways to GiveThe Next Twenty Years Fundraising Campaign and The Pat Woodin Scholarship Fund or contact TSA’s Jenn Hayslett, who will be happy to answer your questions at or 802-236-9598.