Ways to Give

Thank you for your interest in supporting The Sharon Academy.

The Sharon Academy is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization. All gifts are tax deductible within IRS guidelines.

To learn more about ways to support TSA or how you can get involved, please read below about Ways to Give.

If you have any questions or thoughts about making a gift in support of TSA, please contact Jenn Hayslett, our development director, at 802-236-9598 or jhayslett@sharonacademy.net.

Online Giving

You can make a gift online by clicking on the link below!

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Monthly Giving

Increasingly, TSA supporters have begun to make a monthly gift through their checking account or credit card. It’s much easier for many people to spread their gift over time and monthly giving helps TSA. To set up a monthly gift, you can click on the link here and you will have the option of setting up a monthly contribution or contact Jenn Hayslett to set it up at jhayslett@sharonacademy.net or 802-236-9598.

Bridge-the-Gap Gifts

If you are able, please consider covering the cost of our annual tuition gap ($2,000 per student) for one or more students. You can pay this as a one-time gift or you can spread it out over the course of a year. $165 a month covers TSA’s tuition gap for one student. You can click on the giving link above to make an online gift or contact Jenn Hayslett at jhayslett@sharonacademy.net or 802-236-9598.

Honor Your Senior

You are invited to honor a TSA student’s graduation by making a special give in their name. When you make a gift commemorating the graduation of a senior, TSA will send the graduate a special certificate informing them that a gift has been made in their honor without disclosing the amount of your gift. You can write a special congratulatory message to the graduate and your personalized message will be featured on their certificate. Gifts to the Honor Your Senior program also count as parent participation in the annual fund. Gifts of all sizes are gratefully accepted. Honor Your Senior cards are with Cynthia Masterman at the high school front desk and will be available at graduation, or contact Dave Eastman at deastman@sharonacademy.net with questions or request for the form to be emailed.

Gifts in Honor or Memory

At The Sharon Academy we especially appreciate receiving gifts made in honor or memory of those who are important in your life. You may make a gift to TSA in honor of an individual, family or organization. TSA will acknowledge your gift and will also inform the individual for whom a gift has been made without disclosing the gift amount. You may enclose a personal message with this gift.Gifts made in memory of a loved one in support of The Sharon Academy are very special. When we receive a gift made in memory of a person who has passed, we inform the family of the gift without disclosing the amount and share any messages that have been included with the contribution

Special Projects

There are many exciting opportunities that TSA hopes to make possible for our students. However, many of these are not covered within our modest budget. Should you wish to make a special gift in support of furthering our work, in addition to annual support to help us cover current expenses, please see our Faculty’s Wish List(This Page Will Be Updated Soon – Under Construction)


Bequests are a way to support and strengthen The Sharon Academy beyond your lifetime.  You can include TSA in your will or trust for a specific amount or percentage. As an alternative to amending your current will, you can also consider naming The Sharon Academy a beneficiary of your retirement plan. Simply contact your plan administrator for a change of beneficiary form, and designate The Sharon Academy for a percentage of the assets.

If you are considering creating a bequest, please consult first with your financial advisor. We also hope that you will reach out to us at The Sharon Academy so that we can be sure to honor your wishes and so that we may acknowledge your generosity during your lifetime. Please contact Jenn Hayslett, TSA’s Director of Development,  at 802-236-9598 or jhayslett@sharonacademy.net

Planned Giving

Legacy and planned giving refers to giving through a bequest, will, estate plan, or life income gifts, such as an annuity. These gifts are planned during a donor’s lifetime and then the full gift is realized upon the donor’s passing. Due to the unique nature of each donor’s individual needs, we strongly recommend that our supporters seek the advice of a professional financial advisor.  To assist donors in the planned giving process, The Sharon Academy has a  partnership with the Vermont Community Foundation in advising and managing planned gifts.  For more information, please check out the Vermont Community Foundation at www.vermontcf.org, or contact Emilye Pelow Corbett, the Vermont Community Foundation’s Philanthropic Advisor for the Upper Valley at 802-388-3355 ext. 230.

Gifts of Stock

Many donors to The Sharon Academy make gifts in the form of appreciated marketable securities. This is one of the most attractive methods of giving because of the substantial tax advantages. Making a gift of appreciated securities to The Sharon Academy is a simple matter. Your broker may electronically transfer ownership of the stock to The Sharon Academy’s account at TD Ameritrade.

Please give your broker the following information:

DTC #: 0443

For the Benefit of The Sharon Academy

For credit to Q3J-001616

The Sharon Academy Tax ID: 03-0350587

Contact for The Sharon Academy: Harpswell Capital Advisors, jpm@harpswelladvisors.com

Please notify TSA’s Director of Development, Jenn Hayslett, at (802) 236-9598 or jhayslett@sharonacademy.net, when you initiate an electronic transfer for donation of stock. 

Please also read about The Next Twenty Years Fundraising Campaign and The Pat Woodin Scholarship Fund.