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Mark Your Calendar
General News
Phoenix Sports
Middle School News
High School News
Community Service Opportunities
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Community Events

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Mark Your Calendar

MS = middle school, HS = high school

To download a PDF version of our 2015 – 2016 calendar, please click here.

Also, check the website regularly for calendar updates: TSA Calendar


Fri 27 MS Semi-Formal at The Royalton Academy, 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Mon 30 Memorial Day – No School


Thurs 2 MS Science Fair – 6:30pm – 8pm
Thurs 2 Paying For College Night – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
[Contact Ellen Bagnato for more information:
Mon 6 HS Finals Review Day
Tues 7 HS Final Exams
Wed 8 HS Final Exams
Thurs 9 8th Grade Class Trip
Fri 10 MS 3rd Trimester Ends
Fri 10 Middle School graduation celebration – at TSA High School, 6:30pm – 9:00pm  All students attend.
Sun 12 HS Graduation – 1:00pm – 5:00pm




Spike and Vanessa Carter welcomed their daughter, Marley Kathryn Carter to the world (and TSA community) on May 14th, 2016 at 5:51 AM.  She was 6 lbs. 9 oz. and 18″ long. Congratulations Spike and Vanessa!

Senior Chris Gish was recognized by UVM’s math department
for his performance on the annual UVM Prize Math competition. Each year about 50 TSA students participate. Chris received a Certificate of Merit as well as the Best in School award. 100 students from 27 out of the 51 participating schools in Vermont and New Hampshire received Certificates of Merit.  Congratulations to Chris and great job to all who participated!

BarnArts production of The Realistic Jonses
 by Will Eno will be the first Vermont or Northern New England production and will features our very own Kimberly Barnhart (KB) starring as Pony Jones.  You can come see her perform at Fable Farm in Barnard at their outdoor theater venue.  Details are below in Community Events. Break a leg KB!


School of Rock musical at Northern Stage:  Don’t miss our TSA 7th grade student, Macy Demara‘s performance on  July 29-31, 2016; at the Barrette Center for the Arts in White River Junction. For more information please see the listing in the Community Events section below.


Jacob Ruben, TSA 7th grader competed in a two day scholarship tournament as a member of the VTUSBC (Vermont United States Bowling Congress) Youth division U15 in Bennington on the weekend of 4/30-5/1.  And Jacob won first place in the Vermont Youth Handicap Tournament Boys Division U15! This secured his reign as Vermont State Champion three years in a row and was awarded a $300 scholarship.  We are also pleased to report that Jacob placed 9th in the Pepsi Scholarship Scratch Tournament division U15 on Sunday.  In addition, Jacob raised over $250 in sponsorship for the scholarship program and was awarded a competitive bowling ball of his choice.  Jacob has been competing in bowling with the VTUSBC-White River Youth Organization, out of Valley Bowl in Randolph, from the age of 7.  Wow!  These are truly amazing accomplishments, Jacob!
Thank you to all of the Alumni that came back to the TSA HS for Alumni Day on Thursday. The 17 alum who joined us did a great job presenting and answering questions from our current students and staff.  This valuable feedback from our alumni has a history of informing our curriculum and programs.



Junior Book Awards

For many years, TSA has been bestowing book awards to a few rising seniors and this year is no exception.  Each year colleges and universities make awards available to rising high school seniors.  These awards recognize a wide array of qualities such as academic achievement, commitment to community, leadership, creativity and much more. Some of the awards include a certificate, a book, transportation cost to visit the school, or even  a scholarship to the school if the award recipient applies and is granted admission. These benefits are great, but it is important to note that the award nomination itself is something to be appreciated and proud of.

To decide these awards, TSA faculty gather to review the criteria for each award, the achievements of each rising senior, nominations are made and each nominee is voted on. With such a talented class, it was difficult to narrow down our choices.

Paige Bissalon:  Harvard Book Award

Richie Morrill:  Clarkson Leadership Award, presented by Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY

Billy Connelli:  Clarkson Achievement Award, presented by Clarkson University in Potsdam NY

Taite Clark:  Renesslear Polytechnic Institute Medal, presented by RPI, located in Troy, NY

Anyata Hamilton:  College of the Atlantic Book Award, presented by College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME

Kaelan Heston:  Dartmouth Alumni Club of the Upper Valley

Eli Carini:  Kenyon College Book Award, presented by Kenyon College of Gambier, Ohio

Abby Levy:  St Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

Eleanor Frost:  The Salem College Book Award, presented by Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC

Congratulations to all of our Junior Scholar book award winners!



General News

TSA Middle School Food and Hunger Newsletter:  The students at The Sharon Academy Middle School have spent the last several months studying food and hunger on a local, national, and global level as a part of the school’s Integrated Curriculum. Each student researched specific issues relating to food and hunger that interested them individually and compiled what they learned in a newsletter. This collection of articles is intended to educate our community about the intricacies of this important topic from different perspectives. Just as researching these articles has informed our students about food and hunger, and encouraged them to examine more deeply the choices they make about food, we hope this newsletter will help you to do the same.  You can view and read the TSA MS Food and Hunger Newsletter at:

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Phoenix Sports

New Special Offer:  TSA Sports Booster Club Local Business Savings Card are now Half Price! Get your card for just $10 from Cynthia at the TSA High School, or Catherine at the Middle School, or contact Kim Knoerlein at:

Phoenix Sports Results:

The Sharon Academy JV baseball team
suffered two losses this week and are now 4-4 on the season, but 4-2 against fellow JV squads. On Monday, TSA lost a scrimmage against Chelsea’s Varsity squad at home. On Wednesday, they lost to Thetford, also at home. There were two players that distinguished themselves on both sides of the plate during this game against Thetford Academy: Kian Kaufman ’17 went 2-2 at the plate and pitched for the first time this season.  Cal Hale ’17 also pitched for the first time this season, went 1-3 hitting and had a spectacular off-balance catch in the outfield. The TSA JV team plays their final game at Whitchester on Friday.  Come and root them on in Bethel!


The TSA Middle School baseball game at Rivendell on Thursday was a very competitive game.  TSA lost 11 to 7 but our team played hard and did their best.  The TSA MS team had a number of solid hits, a lot of good fielding plays and some good catches in the outfield.  The players had fun and the competitiveness the the game only made them all better players.  Most importantly they all showed good sportsmanship!

The Ultimate Frisbee team
had their final game of the regular season and their senior game on Thursday. They won this game and went out with a bang! Congratulations on a great season and congratulations to all seniors!


Phoenix Sports Upcoming Games and Meets:

Track and Field:
May 28      Saturday      at Essex                9:00am
May 27      Friday           at Whitchester     4:30pm

We are nearing the end of the school year, but there’s still time to come out to a game, match or meet this coming up next week.
Please come out and support a Phoenix team!


Pick-Up Sports Available to HS Students:

  • Pick-Up Girls Soccer every Wednesday after school
  • Pick-Up Boys Basketball every Tuesday after school

You can get even more TSA Phoenix Sports News and Pictures on the TSA Athletics Booster Club Facebook Page:

You can also check out pictures of Phoenix Sports events at: – it does require a Shutterfly Registration – but it is Free!


Middle School News

End of school year MIDDLE SCHOOL dates to remember:

  • May 27th – Middle School Semi-Formal at the Royalton Academy   6:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • May 30th – NO SCHOOL. Memorial Day
  • June 2nd – Middle School Science Fair. Students arrive at the middle school by 6:25 p.m.  Fair: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • June 6th –  7th grade Spanish Fiesta – students bring in a dish to share – more information coming.
  • June 7th – 8th grade Spanish Fiesta – students bring in a dish to share – more information coming.
  • June 9th – Eighth Grade Class Trip.  Seventh grade has regular school day.
  • June 10th – Last day of school. Field Day & Barbecue. End of 3rd Trimester.  Dismissal is at 2:00 p.m.
  • June 10th – Middle School graduation celebration at TSA High School. 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.  All students attend.


REMINDER:  poster board is due ASAP for all Science Fair projects!

Photos From High 5:  
What a wonderful trip the middle school had to High 5 last week.  We have posted about 60 of Mr. Durgin’s amazing photographs on our Facebook page.  To see all of his photos, please click on the link here:


Time Capsules for Eighth Grade Students: Eighth grade students have received a Time Capsule envelope.  Their job is to fill the envelope with fun and meaningful mementos from middle school and turn it in for safe keeping by the end of the school year.  The envelopes are filed away for four years.  Time capsules will be delivered to students on the last day of the student’s senior year.  If a student has changed schools we mail him/her the envelope.  Opening the time capsules together with old buddies from the middle school is always a fun and meaningful experience. Parents are encouraged to contribute by writing a letter to their student to put in the time capsule.  The letter can include hopes, wishes, congratulations or anything else you imagine your student would like to read when they are graduating from high school.  The more effort put into the time capsule now, the more fun it is to open in four years time.  Filled time capsule envelopes can be returned to Catherine.

Spanish Fiesta
– The annual Spanish Fiesta will be happening at the middle school on June 7th for the 8th grade and June 6th for the 7th grade.  This is a culminating Spanish class project that involves bringing in a dish to share and speaking to the class in Spanish about the food.  Students may need help gathering the ingredients and making the food.  Gracias!

All outside reading and book cards are to be completed before the deadline of Tuesday, May 31st. Students can begin turning in book cards soon so they can “pass” before the deadline. This is a process that can take a few weeks.

Vermont’s Standardized Testing for TSA’s 7th and 8th Graders. On June 3rd, 6th and 7th
 TSA middle school students will take Vermont’s standardized test – the SBACs (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) – for Math and Language Arts. These tests will be administered mostly on computer. In preparation for the testing, please encourage your student to get a good night’s sleep, eat a good, healthy breakfast, and to bring their best effort to the test. Students may bring a water bottle and a book to the testing. Please make sure your student is on time for school. Also, please note that these tests are required by the state. Any student who misses any part of the tests will have to make them up at a later date. PLEASE LET US KNOW ASAP IF YOUR STUDENT IS GOING TO MISS ANY SCHOOL ON THESE DATES.


TSA MS 8th Grade Graduation is coming up! Date: June 10, 2016. 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. The Sharon Academy Middle School Graduation Ceremony has been intentionally designed to support the goals of our mission. Students are publicly recognized for their strengths, thanked for their efforts, and honored for the transformation they have undergone during their middle school years. All eighth grade students are required to speak and are expected to reflect on their own personal growth, and to appreciate the supporting role that others have played in their lives. The Graduation Ceremony also provides a forum for the 7th and 8th grade to perform the choral work they have been practicing for ten weeks, under the direction of Kevin Quigley. We recognize that the ceremony is long, and while we have trimmed the ceremony from recent years, we have consciously decided to continue our tradition of having each student speak and to have teachers speak about each of their advisees. We ask that family members come with the understanding that our graduation program is an integral part of our curriculum. Please help us to support our students in this important transition to high school.

  • All students are expected to attend this event on June 10th from 6:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
  • Both the 7th and 8th grade will perform a choral program.
  • Each 8th grade student will give a short speech. Students will have time at school to write their speech. They should also be writing and practicing their speech at home. We will begin the speech writing process at the end of May.
  • Students are expected to dress slightly more formally than a normal day at school.
  • Please consider bringing a bottle of water and a snack to make your evening more comfortable. There will also be some refreshments available during the ceremony. Dessert will be served following the ceremony.

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High School News

Exam Week Schedule: Click here to download a schedule for exam week.

More Information about High School Exams:  

  • School runs from 8:15AM to 3:15PM.
  • All school rules apply.
  • 9th, 10th and 11th graders can arrive late and/or leave early only with parental permission. 

What to bring to exams:       

  • Textbooks – in World Language classes, this is the ticket to the exam
  • Functioning calculator with batteries (we will not have batteries available)
  • Pens and/or sharpened pencils
  • A sweatshirt in case the gym is cold
  • A quiet activity for if you finish the exam early (book, etc.) as you will not be allowed to leave until specified leaving times.  Expect that phones and other devices will need to be turned off during exam times.
  • Water bottles in a closed container (no snacks in gym)

Review Day Schedule:  Monday, June 6th is our review day.  Here is the schedule:

  • 8:15AM  to  9:10AM     A
  • 9:15AM  to  10:10AM   E
  • 10:10AM to 10:35AM Break
  • 10:35AM to 11:30AM   B
  • 11:35AM to 12:30PM   F
  • 12:30PM to 1:20PM   Lunch
  • 1:20PM  to  2:15PM    C
  • 2:20PM  to  3:15PM    D

Food Donations needed for this year’s graduation: This year, graduation is on Sunday, June 12 at 1pm. After the ceremony, refreshments will be served. The tradition is that ALL high school TSA families contribute to the refreshment buffet. If you cannot come that day, please leave the food in Flo’s room on Friday, June 10th.

There will be a drop-off table near the entrance, in the parking lot, starting at noon. If you want your dish back, please mark it clearly and make sure to take it back before you leave, or the following week, at the latest.

What you need to bring depends on which grade your student is in. (If you have more than one student at the school, go with the grade of the older one.)

  • 9th graders will bring about 10 to 12 fresh fruits kebabs: fresh fruits cut and set on kebab sticks.
  • 10th graders will bring cheese and 1 box of crackers: please cut the cheeses ahead of time.
  • 11th graders will bring finger food desserts for about 10-12 people.

A member of the Committee will contact you by phone before the event to remind you about what to bring.  We are counting on you…

If you have any questions, contact Florence Tolbert at or Maureen Bissaillon at

Thank you so much,
The Graduation Committee.

Fresh Cut flowers Needed for Graduation:  
We are in need of fresh cut flowers to decorate the school on the day of the high school graduation. If you think you can bring some (along with some vases) at 11am on June 12th, email Flo at as soon as possible.  Thank you!

All Community Service Reporting is due June 1st
 – students, if you haven’t kept up with this please be sure to report your hours here:  Community Service Reporting Page

Count Down to Graduation:
  Seniors have received their cap and gown. These should be tried on, and hung to get the wrinkles out. They can be ironed with a cool iron. Gowns should be returned to the school for reuse. Caps can be decorated, but should not be offensive to anyone. If the gown does not fit, please let Janice or Cynthia know.

Arrrrghh! There’s Pirates Comin’ to TSA!
 It’s official. . . next year’s interim production has been chosen by the directing team and this year’s juniors, and its’ Gilbert and Sullivan’s “Pirates of Penzance”, the first time TSA has entered into the field of operetta!  This year’s rising seniors wanted an experience that would challenge their talents and test their teamwork, and would break new ground for TSA musical productions. After much soul searching and dialogue, “Pirates” rose to the top, or should I say, appeared from the deep!  There will be much news later about our progress. Auditions for students interested in lead role were held Wednesday, May 25. While lead roles historically go to seniors, current freshmen and sophomores are encouraged to audition, both for the practice, and because smaller roles tend to be assigned to students who came to the auditions. Complete audition information is posted on the wall in Moore Hall.

The TSA film making elective, taught by Blake Fabrikant, has a YouTube channel
to showcase TSA’s  film student’s talents. You will see original class projects such as cinematography reels and film adaptations featured on this channel.

Please follow this link to access the channel:

The Orange Oasis Study Yurt is here!
The idea of converting the storage yurt into a study yurt started with Jordan Galuzzo saying, “Hey Katie, I think you should put a couch in the extra yurt and make a study space”.  And Voila! The Study Yurt was born! The purpose of the new space is for quiet study, small group instruction, and a meeting place. Thanks to many students and staff at TSA who cleaned, decorated and moved furniture to make the yurt more usable. Specific shout outs go to Randy, Steve, Jordan G., Max P., Ty, Eva H., Roslyn, Amber A., Brian and Tom C. Please stop by for a clementine and check out the new orangy space. For more information, please contact Katie Vedova at


Community Service Opportunities

TSA now has an active community service page on Facebook. Like the page to be notified about current community service events and opportunities:

Have a community service opportunity that you wish to notify people about?Email with the information and we will let our staff and students know about the opportunity.

Students:  Want to fill out our Community Service online form? Click here


SPRING CLEANING? CLEAN OUT THOSE CLOSETS! – Collecting Used Clothes: bring those clothes to school! Hand off those wonderful loved clothes to someone else! Ellee Barker ’20 will forward them on to the LISTEN CENTER & GOOD BUY thrift stores. Preferance for spring and summer clothes please! Clothes will  be collected throughout the month of May. Any questions contact Ellee Barker at


Baxter Library Book Sale:  Baxter Memorial Library in Sharon is looking for help with its annual Book, Plant and Pie Sale.  They need help moving books from 3:30-6pm on Thursday, June 2, Friday, June 3 and Saturday, June 4. Come for an hour, come for more – we welcome any help you can give us.  Contact:  Kayleigh Rodig at  Thank you!


Medieval Festival, Thetford, Saturday, May 28th; 11 – 4 pm at Open Fields School. Open Fields School is holding its annual Medieval Festival on the Thetford green. Volunteers are needed Friday night and Saturday (during, before and after the event, which runs from 11 – 4). Opportunities range from food sales, to vendor assistance, to runner, to parking assistance. More information available at You can also register there to volunteer. Contact Leslie Berger or Kimberly Barnhart at

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Scholarships and College Info

For previously posted scholarship information, check out the TSA web site at: Scholarships

Liberty Scholarships for Seniors:
 The Liberty Scholarship Program is open to high school seniors and undergraduate college students up to age 25. The application process includes recording a 3-5 minute video speech on the topic “How I Intend to Make a Positive Difference in the Lives of Others.” The program includes 14 monetary awards ranging from $500 to $7500.  There area are also opportunities for internships, participating in CEO mentoring programs, participation in an annual Liberty Scholars Summit and more. Videos must be submitted by 11:59 pm on June 15, 2016. For more information, please email or visit

High School Juniors EXPLORE Camp College at UMass Amherst, July 18 -20:

  • 3-day workshop led by college mentors to help you navigate all aspects of the college application process!
  • Stay overnight in college dorms
  • Learn about the college search and application processes
  • Receive SAT exam preparation
  • Gain insight into the Financial Aid process
  • Most of all . . . HAVE FUN!
  • There is a participation fee of $20 to cover meals, housing and programming

For more information, please contact Ellen Bagnato at or visit


Community Events

BarnArts production of The Realistic Jonses by Will Eno will be the first Vermont or Northern New England production! This play was first performed on Broadway in 2014 and features wonderful quirky real people experiencing personal challenges. In The Realistic Joneses, we meet Bob and Jennifer and their new neighbors, John and Pony, two suburban couples who have even more in common than their identical homes and their shared last names. As their relationships begin to irrevocably intertwine, the Joneses must decide between their idyllic fantasies and their imperfect realities.

We are delighted to announce our talented cast:
BOB JONES – Mark Alloway
JENNIFER JONES – Lois Resseguie
JOHN JONES – Ira Sargent
PONY JONES – Kimberly Barnhart
Director: Tom Beck
Performances will take place outdoors at the Fable Farm Theater:  June 17, 18, 22, 24, 25, 26
For more information, please contact  at  or visit


School of Rock musical at Northern Stage:  July 29-31, 2016; Be sure not to miss TSA middle school student, Macy Demara’s performance in the Northern stage production of School of Rock this summer. There will be 4 performances at the Barrette Center for the Arts in White River Junction. For tickets please call the box office at (802)296-7000 or visit


Vocal Recital June 15 at 8:00pm:  Laurel Mendelsohn, senior at TSA is participating in her final vocal recital with voice teacher Julie Ness. The recital is a collaborative recital of high school students of Ms. Ness. The pieces performed range from musical theater to art songs. It should be a lot of fun. Please Come!  For more information, please contact Laurel Mendelsohn at

Game Card Group for all ages
 meets weekly in Lebanon and will meet throughout the summer. If you are a student and would like to meet up and play Yu-Gi-Oh!, Magic, or anything else, please check out the details here in their flyer:
Game Card Group Details

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Summer Baby Sitting Position:
 Sharon resident seeks a babysitter for a year old boy. They are looking for someone for a few hours once a week or every other week.  For more information please contact Casey Zapletal at:

The Central Vermont Solid Waste Management District is seeking two motivated, paid interns for the summer.  There is an opening for a Communications Intern and a School Program Intern. Internship work is part-time through August.  Deadline to apply is June 3.  To see a full description of the positions and directions for how to apply, go to the CVSWMD employment page and scroll down to the Paid Internships section:–rfps.html


Lawn Mowing and Property Maintenance: TSA junior Jacob Mayer is looking to grow his local lawn mowing and property maintenance business and expand services to more customers. He is especially looking for more lawns to mow for the summer season. That being said, he also offers the following services and more, let him know what your needs are!

  • Professional quality lawn mowing and trimming
  • Spring yard clean ups
  • Brush cutting/chainsaw work
  • Weed whacking
  • Mulch delivery and installation
  • Tree planting/light gardening

For more information, please contact Jacob Mayer at or (802) 356-9230

We Want to Move, Make us an Offer!  Hello TSA! We are ready to move on to our next adventure and need to sell our home here in Sharon. Come visit and make us an offer. Here is a link to our listing. Randall and Mary Lee Smyth (parents of Greye Smyth ’09) more information, please contact Mary Lee Smyth at