TSA Newsletter, May 12th, 2017

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The Sharon Academy

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Calendar of Upcoming TSA Events

May 2017

Tues – Thurs 16 – 18 Middle School to High Five
Fri 19 Inservice – No School for Students
Sat 20 HS Prom – 6:30pm at Hotel Coolidge in White River Junction, VT
Thurs 25 Cafe Night at TSA HS – 6:30pm
Fri 26 MS Semi-Formal – 7pm
Mon 29 Memorial Day – No School

To download a copy of the TSA School Calendar for 2016/2017, please click here: TSA 2016/17 School Calendar




Congratulations to all those that participated in The Outdoor Challenge. The OC Team took eighteen 10th graders into the woods this past Thursday and walked out on Friday with eighteen tired, sleep deprived kids who experienced change, adversity and risk.  Upon completion of the overnight challenge many in the class expressed they now felt connected.  Others expressed a new found appreciation for those members of the class who they were not that familiar and gained a sense of where this class might head together as they enter division three.  Thank you to all of our staff members that participated in the challenges of this event!  For a few pictures of the event, check out our facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/TheSharonAcademy/


Jacob Ruben ’21 places 2nd in State Tournament – Jacob Ruben recently competed in the VT State Handicap Scholarship Bowling Tournament held in Brattleboro.  Jacob came in second this year in the U15 division winning a $150 scholarship prize.  Jacob had previously taken first place in this scholarship tournament from 2013 to 2016 with total scholarship winnings of over $2000.  Congratulations for a job well done!


All School News

Zumba at TSA! Come ZUMBA with Sydney Hooey ’18 at The Sharon Academy High School gym on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 6:00pm – 7:00pm.
Sydney is a certified ZUMBA instructor. Burn 1,000 calories in one hour. All varieties of music and all types of dances – salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, old school and music that’s hot on the radio right now. Everyone is welcome – even beginners!  Suggested donation $5. To learn more, follow YourZumba on Facebook and Instagram.


TSA math and science teacher Christian Durgin will be available for tutoring beginning this summer.  If interested you can email him at ctdurgin@gmail.com


A TSA family is asking for our help during a time of difficulty in the form of one meal per week.  Please sign up to help if you can:

WHERE: Please deliver to TSA Middle School.
WHEN: 7:45 AM – 3:30 PM Tuesday (If there is no school on Tuesday please deliver on Wednesday.)
FOODS to EXCLUDE: beans, broccoli, and cabbage
INCLUDE: list of ingredients
QUANTITY: four servings
SPECIAL NOTES: Please use containers that are disposable or recyclable. It is very helpful to the family if dishes do not need be returned.


HOW COOL IS THIS!  TSA Middle School Student Patents New Camouflage:  See3D Camo, founded by TSA middle school student, Peter North ’21 and his father, is launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new type of camo they invented last fall. Patented in January, the new hunting suit achieves two contradictory goals: improved camouflage to remain hidden from deer while increasing visibility to other hunters for safety.

“I was sitting in a tree stand with my Dad and we were both wearing bright orange for safety. I thought to myself, ‘We can’t be very hidden from deer, we have too much solid color, there has to be a better way to do this,’” says Peter, an 8th grade student at TSA. The See3D Camo suit is an orange leafy suit that incorporates safety orange and “3D leaf” technology to greatly improve how the hunter’s outline blends into their surroundings. The new suit makes them invisible to deer, yet highly visible to other hunters.

“If camouflage doesn’t work, hunters won’t wear it,” says Peter’s father, Barrie. By combining a modern 3D leaf camouflage patterns and incorporating safety orange, the new suit makes hunters invisible to deer, yet highly visible to other hunters. “This suit should also help wildlife photographers or anyone else who wants track animals safely in the woods, as well, “ says Peter.  The new hunting suit will be available nationwide this summer, well ahead of this year’s hunting season.  See pictures of the new camo and find out more at http://see3dcamo.com

Lebanon Police To Offer Internet Safety Forum:  
The Lebanon Police Department Cyber Crimes Unit is hosting an Internet Safety Forum for parents on Thursday, May 25, 2017 from 6:00pm-8:00pm at the Lebanon Police Department. The forum is designed for parents and will cover popular websites and applications that children and teenagers are using to access the internet. The forum will also cover various methods that parents can use to help ensure that their children are using the internet safely and the best practice/procedures for reporting possible internet related crimes to their local police department. If you would like to attend the forum, please contact Administrative Assistant Elizabeth Beraldi via e-mail: Elizabeth.Beraldi@lebcity.com or 603-448-8800 to register.



Phoenix Sports

NEW TSA Swag has arrived and is now on sale! Here are the current offerings:
Long sleeve T-shirt – black with white lettering $15
Hoodies – Green with white lettering $30
Fleece half zip – Green with white lettering (embroidered) $40
Sweat pants – tie waist with gathered legs and elastic waist with open legs – Gray $25
Winter hats – white and green stripes, pompom on top $15
Water bottles – stainless steel and insulated $15

All clothing comes small to XL, There are a few 2XL and 3XL hoodies

For more information or to purchase, please contact Kim Knoerlein at kdk13vt@gmail.com


You can get TSA Phoenix Sports News and Pictures on the TSA Athletics Booster Club Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tsaboosterclub



Upcoming Games, Matches or Meets Next Week:

Track Meet, CVC Championship: Sat, May 13, 9am – 11am
Track Meet in Bellows Falls: Tue, May 16, 4pm – 6pm

Ultimate, Kingdom Tournament: Sat, May 13, 11am – 5pm
Ultimate @ Home v. Rice & Cabot: Tue, May 16, 4pm – 7pm
Ultimate B Team Home Scrimmage, Hanover: Thurs, May 18, 4:00pm – 5:30pm

JV Baseball@ Black River: Mon, May 15, 4:30pm – 6:00pm
JV Baseball @ Rivendell: Wed, May 17, 5:00pm – 6:30pm
JV Baseball Home Double Header v. Brattleboro: Sat, May 20, 11am – 3pm


You can also check out pictures of Phoenix Sports events at: https://tsaphoenix.shutterfly.com/#
– it does require a Shutterfly Registration – but it is Free!



Middle School News

It was Spirit Week this week!  Check out pictures here on our facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/TheSharonAcademy/


High Five Volunteers Still Needed:  Parents – your current efforts in helping to make the trip to High Five a success are greatly appreciated. But, we are still looking for help in the following areas. Are you available?

  • One more driver is needed for the trip TO High Five on Tuesday, May 16th. Departing from the MS around 8:15AM.
  • One more driver is needed for the trip FROM High Five on Thursday, May 18th. Arrive at High Five by 3:30PM for a departure soon thereafter.

Reply to Catherine, cfarrington@sharonacademy.net, with your availability. Thank you!

Middle School Testing

On Friday, May 12, seventh and eighth grade students will be taking a portion of Vermont’s new standardized test – the SBACs (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) from 1:15 – 3:15.

On Monday, May 15, eighth grade students will take the NECAP test. Testing will begin promptly at 8:15 and will end by 12:30.

In preparation for the testing, please encourage your student to:

• Get a good night’s sleep the night before
• Eat a good, healthy breakfast the day of
• Bring their best effort to the test

Please note that these tests are required by the state. Any student who misses a part of the tests will have to make it up at a later date. Thank you for your support.

Middle School Academic News:

MS Language Arts: All rough drafts of short stories are due on Monday, the 15th. Some students will need to work to finish their stories over the weekend in order to meet this deadline. Next week we’ll be away at High Five in Brattleboro, VT.

Other Middle School News:

High Five Outdoor Leadership Program: This is a reminder that students will be participating in a two night trip to the High Five Adventure Learning Center in Brattleboro, Vermont on May 16th, 17th and 18th. Drop off will be regular time on the morning of May 16th but pick up will be later than usual, at 5:30, on the 18th. Please also be aware that Friday, May 19th, is High Five recovery day and there will be no school for middle school students.  More information, permission slips and the packing list can be found here:  High Five Attachments

MS Graduation is coming up! Friday June 16, 2017, 6:30-9:30 PM. The Sharon Academy Middle School Graduation Ceremony has been intentionally designed to support the goals of our mission. Students are publicly recognized for their strengths, thanked for their efforts, and honored for the transformation they have undergone during their middle school years. All eighth grade students are required to speak and are expected to reflect on their own personal growth, and to appreciate the supporting role that others have played in their lives. Additionally, the Graduation Ceremony provides a forum for the 7th and 8th grade to perform the choral work that they have been practicing for the prior ten weeks. We recognize that the ceremony is long, and while we have trimmed the ceremony a bit from recent years, we have consciously decided to continue our tradition of having each student speak and to have their advisor speak about them. We ask that family members come with the understanding that our graduation program is an integral part of our curriculum. Please help us to support our students in this important transition to high school.

  • All students are expected to attend this event on June 16th from 6:30 – 9:00 PM.
  • Both the seventh and eighth grade will perform a choral program.
  • Each eighth grade student will give a short speech. Students will have time at school to write their speech. They should also be writing and practicing  their speech at home. We will begin the speech writing process at the end of May.
  • Students are expected to dress slightly more formally than casual school.
  • Please consider bringing a bottle of water and a snack to make your evening more comfortable. There will also be some refreshments available during the ceremony. Dessert will be served following the ceremony.



High School News

HS Prom 2017! Volunteers and food donations requested.
The Masquerade Ball themed prom is just around the corner! Prom planners have been busily organizing the details of the event, and are currently seeking volunteers for set-up and clean-up, as well as donations of snacks and costume accessories for the much adored “Photo Booth”.

Please take a moment to look at our sign-up list here: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e49acaa2ca3fd0-2017
No donation is too small!  All donations should be brought to school by Thursday, May 18th.

See you at the prom on May 20th, 6:30 – 11:00pm!

For more information, please contact Anna Riley at ariley@sharonacademy.net or visit http://www.signupgenius.com/go/5080e49acaa2ca3fd0-2017


Rock of Ages to be TSA’s Interim Musical for Fall 2017 – Some of you may remember that past interim shows have included Disco Inferno and Back to the 80s–both tributes to musical genres of earlier eras–disco of the 1970s and pop of the 1980s. This year, our 11th graders have selected a show in this tradition–one that showcases the classic rock of the 80s. We are pleased and excited to announce that next year’s interim show will be the Broadway Hit Rock of Ages!

You may skip this paragraph if you don’t want to read all of the songs that are celebrated in the show, or read it and perhaps bask in memories of your own! Featured songs: Feel the Noize, Sister Christian, We Built This City, We’re Not Gonna Take It, More Than Words, Too Much Time, To Be With You, Heaven, Waiting for a Girl Like You, Dead or Alive, I Want to Know What Love is, Harden My Heart, Shadows of the Night, Here I Go Again, The Final Countdown, Any Way You Want It, I Wanna Rock, High Enough, Hate Myself for Loving You, Heat of the Moment, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, I Can’t Fight This Feeling, Every Rose Has Its Thorn, Keep On Loving You, Oh Sherrie, The Search is Over, Don’t Stop Believing.

The show has thirty different roles for characters, including nine male leads and eleven female leads. Theater aficionados should know that we will be performing the “high school” version, as the Broadway show is too edgy for many high schools. However, the same writer created this script, and one recent director wrote “This show is a lot of fun and it’s a great way for students to learn about the 80s. The high school edition retains the story (kudos to the book writer) while making it school appropriate.  My students loved doing this show, my staff enjoyed working on it, and it was an audience favorite.” The box office is not yet open, but save the weekend before Thanksgiving to rock out with Kimberly Barnhart, her directing team, and a whole host of very talented young people! Who knows, we may even have an audience participation event!


Workshop for Girls with Cindy Pierce and Kevin Corneau: Finding Center: Integrating Your Power in Today’s World (For girls 16 and up), May 15, 2017  7:00 pm – 9:00 pm – Open Door Studio, 18  North Main Street, White River Junction, VT.  This workshop, taught by Cindy Pierce and Kevin Comeau,will blend two approaches to awareness and empowerment for young women. Cindy’s aim is to inspire women to intentionally seek a stronger sense of who we are. By tuning into and following our Inner Compass, women can increase our chances of surrounding ourselves with supportive friends who make up our Healthy Crew. Practicing Social Courage requires speaking up even when it is awkward and to be clear about our boundaries. Paying more attention to our tendencies to engage in and sometimes to depend on busy-ness to avoid taking care of ourselves is worth examining. Staying strong in our values and beliefs can be challenging, but the freedom of being our true selves leads to more clarity and conviction. Kevin’s approach to women’s self defense centers on agency. Women have the right to determine their own course in life. Men and women alike deserve healthy and fulfilling lives; when that experience is threatened, how can we best respond to neutralize that threat. Studying self defense provides the opportunity to embody this sense of agency by tapping into women’s power and expressing that power in an integrated way. While men typically have more muscular strength, women can access great power by combining their mental and physical strength with an intelligent approach to conflict. Kevin will demonstrate practical ways in which women can utilize their strength, along with leverage, precision, and passion, to establish and maintain safe and healthy boundaries for their bodies, and by extension, their spirits. The women who participate in this workshop will leave with an enhanced sense of their own individual and communal power, with more tools to navigate a challenging but exciting world. Cost: $25
Contact: 904-626-5284, opendoorwrj@gmail.com, http://www.opendoorworkshop.com
See all the colorful details on https://dailyuv.com/events/58011?utm_medium=email&utm_source=rev-pub&utm_campaign=20151201&utm_content=/events/58011


The High School’s All School Trip will be June 9th, 2017.  More details coming soon.



Scholarship and College Info

Ellen Bagnato was on the road!  Upstate New York College Tour:  4 days, 40 counselors, 6 colleges, 3 cities in New York. That’s how Ellen spent April 30 – May 4. It was a whirlwind and a great learning experience. Not only did she become more familiar with Union, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Syracuse, Ithaca, Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Rochester but she also nurtured a relationship with the admissions representatives at the schools while also exchanging perspectives with school counselors from throughout the United States. She returned with an appreciation for Upstate New York and the wealth of opportunities available at the schools and as a result, she will be adding some of the schools to the lists of several of our junior students.  Check out pictures of some of the schools I visited on our facebook page:


Free Workshop on Applying to Selective Colleges
, Friday, June 9; Event times: 9am-12:30pm. The annual “Applying to College” workshop sponsored by the Middlebury Admissions Office has been scheduled for Friday, June 9, 2017 of Reunion Weekend at McCardell Bicentennial Hall. High school age children and grandchildren of Middlebury alumni, faculty and staff as well as students from Vermont high schools and their parents are invited. Preference is given to juniors in high school. This program gives an overview of the general selective college application process and does not focus on Middlebury College. It runs from 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M. with registration beginning at 8:15 A.M. The workshop for students covers 1) The admissions process: The student’s responsibilities in owning and directing the admissions process and, 2) An admissions office’s responsibility in owning and directing the admissions process. The workshop for parents addresses 1) How to be a supportive and effective parent throughout the admissions process. Sarah Soule, Post-secondary Planning Coordinator at Middlebury Union High School and Tim Pratt ’88, Dean of Advising at Saint Paul’s School will join the parent panel and 2) a presentation and discussion of case studies of college applications. The student and parent workshops will run simultaneously. In separate sessions there will be a financial aid overview as well as a hands-on session reviewing the common application process. Following the final presentation, individual afternoon appointments can be scheduled with Student Financial Services. In addition, for any students who are interested specifically in Middlebury College, a group information session will be conducted at 1:30 P.M. and campus tours will be offered at 2:30 P.M. The required registration deadline is Tuesday, June 6, 2017. For more info and to register, please visit this website:  https://admissions.middlebury.edu/register/?id=21871efe-6684-4a86-90e8-9a659dee209c


Take a free SAT vs. ACT Combo Test and see which exam is right for you. Join Kaplan on May 20 and 21 Live Online to try both tests. Register at www.kaptest.com/practicetestweekend


Spring Open House at Elmira College:  Elmira College is hosting their annual Spring Open House for high school juniors and sophomores on Saturday, May 13. The day will include a campus tour, overview of Elmira College, a presentation on financing a private college education, and an optional lunch. The day will begin at 9 a.m. and will conclude by 1 p.m. Registration for the event is required. Interested students should register online or contact the Office of Admissions at (607) 735-1724 or admissions@elmira.edu to register for this event. In addition to the Spring Open House, Elmira offers many visit opportunities throughout the spring and summer. Exciting things are happening at Elmira College! A new President who will take office July 1. The College and Regent’s University-London announced a new program that offers students a study abroad option and a 4+1 Master’s degree. Admissions applications for Fall 2017 are nearing an all-time high – including applicants from more than 40 states and 30 countries. With so much excitement, now is a great time for students to consider Elmira College. For more information, please contact Ellen Bagnato at ebagnato@sharonacademy.net


Junior and Senior Students who attend TSA are eligible for 2 free dual enrollment courses while enrolled at The Sharon Academy. Dual Enrollment courses are college courses offered at a Vermont college or university. Students receive college and high school credit for these courses. Courses can be taken online or on campus. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore a course in area of interest AND to gain impressive experience with college curriculum. Below is information on dual enrollment registration information at Community College Vermont. Please contact Ellen for more information. Important Dual Enrollment Deadlines: CCV’s summer term begins on May 22 and ends August 14. Interested students must complete the registration process by May 19. The fall semester begins on September 5 and ends December 18. The fall schedule is already available, so interested students are encouraged to register early (now or over the summer), rather than wait until late August. CCV Registration Process:

To register for a CCV class, students need to complete these steps:
1. Check in with their school counselor and consider their course options: https://andromeda.ccv.vsc.edu/Learn/Grid/SiteList.cfm
2. Complete the dual enrollment voucher application: http://www.vtdualenrollment.org/
3. Complete the online application to CCV: https://apply.ccv.edu/dualenroll/
4. Schedule times to speak with a CCV advisor & take the Accuplacer assessment. Students should call the CCV-Upper Valley front desk at 802-295-8822 to line these up.

Helpful Tips:

  • Students must have an approved voucher BEFORE registering for a class—this ensures the high school has approved each student’s choice and that funding is in place.
  • Students can use the following SAT or ACT scores to waive the Accuplacer, if they meet with an advisor and log into their College Board account in his/her presence:
    o NEW SAT: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing scores of 480+; Math score of 530+
    o OLD SAT: Critical Reading & Writing scores of 430+; Math score of 500+
    o ACT: English & Math scores of 22+; Reading score of 18+


Rising Sun No 7 Scholarship: Seniors who live in Royalton or Tunbridge, please consider applying to this $1000.00 scholarship. Awarding of the scholarship will be based upon need, scholarship, citizenship & community service and extracurricular activities. Applications are available from Ellen and must be posted by Monday, May 22. No essay is required though all of the following are part of the application: some short answer questions, 3 recommendation letters and a transcript. For more information, please contact Ellen Bagnato at ebagnato@sharonacademy.net.


New England Institute of Technology is offering a tech camp for current high school juniors and seniors. This is an opportunity for students to participate in a week-long, hands-on technology class at New England Institue of Technology. The camp will run from Monday July 10 through Thursday July 13. There is a $75 registration fee and students have to pay for accommodations. Lunch is provided. Students may chose from the following camps:

  • Automotive Technology
  • Electrical Technology-Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology-3D Printing
  • Information Technology-Video Game Design Technology
  • Information Technology-Cyber Security
  • Electronics Systems Technology-Drones
  • Digital Media Technology-Production
  • Digital Media Technology-Audio Recording
  • Criminal Justice
  • Architectural Building Engineering Technology

    Registration Deadline is May 24 and applications can be obtained from Ellen Bagnato or by contacting Erin Flynn at eflynn@neit.edu, 


Public Health Summer Immersion at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences: August 14 -16, 9:00am – 5:00pm; price: $150. Addressing topics from water quality and disease control to climate change and gun violence, public health professionals pave the way for a better future- and you can get a front -row seat to this dynamic field by participating in MCPHC’s Public Health Summer Immersion Program for rising juniors and seniors. Participants will:

  • Build your resume
  • Network with public health industry leaders
  • Attend dynamic breakout sessions lead by industry experts
  • Tackle challenging group work
  • Gain valuable insight into the college admission process
  • Learn how to strengthen your college application
  • Earn a certificate of completion

Application deadline is June 1. Cost is $150.00 + finding your own accommodations. For more information, please contact Admissions at admissions@mcphs.edu

Alumni News

ALUMNI DAY – NEW DATE & NEW FORMAT:  Friday, May 19th – Alumni Day.  Join us for lunch and share your experiences and your wisdom about life after TSA, as well as suggestions/feedback about TSA with faculty and staff.


Community Service

Race Around the Lake is a 5k/10k fundraising race in Barnard, VT to support youth programming at BarnArts Center for the Arts. The organizing committee needs volunteers to help on race day (May 21st). Tasks will include helping with set-up, runner registration, serving lunch, scooping ice cream, directing racers on the course.  Time commitment can be flexible but approximately 9am – 1pm.  Lunch will be provided and a free race t-shirt. In addition to volunteers we’re also glad to have more race participants!  For more information, please contact Jane Moss at jemoss@hotmail.com or visit https://runsignup.com/Race/VT/Barnard/BarnArtsRaceAroundtheLake

Calling interested volunteers for help with Strafford Creative Preschool’s first annual Cow Pie Bingo fundraiser.
  In search of enthusiastic and creative high schoolers who could help with festivities from 1-3 on Saturday, May 20: face-painting, bubble or balloon fun, arts and crafts of any kind. Or, pitch another amusing, kid-friendly idea. They’d love to have you! Please contact Brooke: brookewilk@gmail.com

Community Events

Standing Rock Sioux Leader in SoRo: David Archambault II, 45th chairman of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, speaks at Oakes 012 at Vermont Law School (VLS), South Royalton at 3:30 PM on Fri., May 19. He emerged as a global leader for indigenous people’s rights while guiding the struggle against the Dakota Access Pipeline and continues to be a leading voice for tribal sovereignty in championing protection of tribal lands and natural resources. VLS will present him with an honorary degree at the commencement ceremonies on the South Royalton Green the following day (May 20) at 10 AM. For more info, click: HERE


WALDORF-INSPIRED ‘INSPIRATIONS’ MUSICAL THEATER CAMP THIS SUMMER, July 31 – August 12; 9:00am – 1:15pm.  Join Inspirations Theater Camps and a spirited bunch of youngsters aged 8-14 for a fun musical theater journey this summer featuring drama games, active theater, lively songs, and two performances of an original musical. First round of casting conversations / auditions (for ages 12-14) coming up the weekend of May 13-14. Camp based in the historic Chelsea Town Hall Theater. 2-week camp  July 31 – August 12   Ages 8 – 14   featuring our new 2017 musical Olympus. Check out our original songs here http://rovainenmusicals.com/olympus-song-samples/For more information, please contact Torsti Rovainen at info@rovainenmusicals.com or visit http://rovainenmusicals.com/summer-theater-camps/

GRAPHIC NOVEL WORKSHOP – The Young Adult Genre with TSA PArent Jo Knowles and Tillie Walden July 31-August 4, 2017.
YALSA award winning author Jo Knowles teams up with Eisner nominated cartoonist Tillie Walden to share their strategies for crafting authentic, relatable teen characters and narratives. This five-day workshop utilizes lectures and exercises to successfully examine the idiosyncrasies of the young adult genre. Ages 16+. High school graduates may earn up to 2 college credits. And here is the link for more information: http://www.cartoonstudies.org/ index.php/summer-workshops-2/
Revels North March 2017 Happenings:
May 13 & 14 – Christmas Revels Auditions
May 15 – First Rehearsal for Summer Revels
May 20 & 21 – Pancake Breakfast
For more details on these events, please visit:  http://revelsnorth.org/



TSA Help Wanted:

Middle School Science Teacher:  The Sharon Academy
seeks a dynamic, enthusiastic middle school educator who shares the values and purpose of our small mission-driven school. We are looking for a candidate who truly loves and appreciates students of that age, who believes in a team approach to teaching, and who knows the importance of a fully integrated curriculum.  This is a Full time position and a 7-12 VT Certification Strongly Encouraged. Apply via schoolspring.com ID# 2781584

Cleaning Service or a person to clean TSA’s two school buildings beginning mid-June:

  • For TSA’s Middle School:  6 hours/week in the school year and as needed during the summer. This is a long-term position.
  • For TSA’s High School: 10 hours/week in the school year and as needed during the summer.  This is a substitute position that will end in October.  Job Description attached, click:  HERE

The Sharon Academy is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Rental or caretaking situation wanted ASAP through 6/2018.  Family of three looking for rental house or apartment available June 1 or July 1. We have rented for the past 3 years in Strafford and our current rental is under contract.  We need space for 1 more year at The Sharon Academy.  We have a dog and a cat (both older + well behaved). Strafford, Sharon, Tunbridge or Hartland locations preferred. (Excellent references available.) Please call or email with any leads. Sam Greene- 603-533-5152 or greeneappraisal@gmail.com


House for Sale, Built in 2003 – Total square footage 2012 – 3 bedroom, 2 bath, southern exposure – 2.4 acres – pond – brook – indoor garage (with radiant floor heat) – ash floors – tiled bathrooms – solar hot water – gas (Buderus furnace) and wood heat – screened in porch – greenhouse – independent studio apartment with radiant floor heat (currently rented) This energy efficient home is on a well-maintained dirt road and school bus line. Sharon has school choice and is the home of the acclaimed Sharon Academy. Distance to VLS – 10 minutes, Dartmouth College, DMHC and Lebanon NH – 25 minutes.  For a calculation of how to buy this house for just $300/month – see flyer:  HERE  And for more information, contact Isabella Oehry via email at:  akashalink@aol.com

Looking for summer housing – Lucyanna Labadie is from TSA’s Class of 2013
and is a current undergraduate student at the University of Vermont studying Ecological Design and Forestry. She has accepted an apprenticeship with Timber Homes LLC out of Vershire, Vermont this summer and looking for simple, affordable housing in the area, preferably in South Royalton, Tunbridge, Chelsea, or Vershire! If you are looking for a summer house sitter or have a space you would consider renting, please contact Lucyanna Labadie at lucyannalabadie@gmail.com, or call: 802-558-6384  She can provide excellent references and am happy to discuss details.