Zen and the Art of Archery: A Student Lead Elective

Posted by on Jan 2, 2016 in TSA Stories

For students at The Sharon Academy High School, electives held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, provide students with the opportunity to learn from teachers, parents, community members and even from one another in a whole new setting.  One that quite often takes students beyond the classroom.  Each quarter, around __ electives are offered. Some current electives being taught this school year include Music Making,

I sat down with tenth graders Caleb Eastman and Koltin DeLuc who have decided to add yet another layer of learning by creating and co-teaching their own elective: archery.
Koltin, from Tunbridge, explains that one day him and Caleb were discussing their passion for archery and wished they could incorporate their interests into the normal school day. With their many years of experience: Koltin learning archery at Tunbridge elementary and Caleb beginning when he was five years old at home, the two approached Christa Wurm, the high school’s elective coordinator, with their idea.  After meeting with Christa and proving themselves capable to take on such an extensive task came the next steps: building a curriculum.

After filling out a detailed application, writing a personal essay, articulating the need for an archery elective and showing that there is student interest, Caleb and Koltin began working closely with Christa to create a full and comprehensive curriculum.  In preparation for the elective they are also reaching out to community members and peers for equipment and assisting Kevin Quigley, the archery instructor at the TSA middle school, to learn how to teach others.

Caleb acknowledges the amount of time and effort that goes into planning an elective. Just being able to plan is an important skill, Caleb goes on to say, “I’ve never really put this much effort into planning…that is one of the things I have learned…it’s a lot of fun since it’s something I like to do, but it’s quite a process.” Students are held to the same kind of standard as any teacher would in leading an elective.

When asked what Koltin is most looking forward to he responded, “I am most excited to teach people how to shoot and help get them acquainted with a bow…and being safe about it, it’s a lot of fun and I want to share that.” Caleb mirrors Koltin’s sentiment explaining, “I enjoy teaching others about a sport I love so much and I am glad TSA has opportunities like teaching electives to let me share what is important to me.”

As simple as that TSA is on its way to having it’s own archery program starting this Spring. Stay tuned for more #TSAstories.