Community Service

An essential part of The Sharon Academy’s mission is to “awaken students to their immense potential and the difference they can make in the world”. TSA’s Community Service requirement challenges students to expand their definition of “community” to involve a larger portion of their world than just their school or their family. Additionally, it helps students realize that their contribution can make a difference, while also fostering a habit of service. Through Community Service, students also have the opportunity to pursue their interests, meet potential mentors, and develop skills and contacts that will help them well into the future. Students will be informed of both school and community related opportunities as the year progresses through the TSA newsletter.

Community Service Overview

  • Our students are required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service each year in the high school and 20 hours in the middle school. We encourage students to work towards their Community Service requirements during the summer or over vacations and holidays and to plan ahead.
  • The entire annual requirement could be completed in a condensed period of time. For instance, students going on a service trip or volunteering for an organized event, like a run for cancer, might fulfill most of their annual hours during the same trip or event.
  • Work must fit the criteria below or it will not be counted as Community Service, even if the work has already been completed. If there is any doubt about the work a student is planning, they should confirm ahead of time with their advisor at the high school and Andrew Lane the middle school to make sure the work qualifies.
    Examples of acceptable Community Service work include (but are not limited to):
  • Work for non-profit organizations or charities,
  • Work for disadvantaged individuals as long as there is no payment,
  • Non-paid work for political campaigns, church, or community groups, or
  • Pre-approved school based work.

(People receiving Community Service work cannot be relatives.)

Community Service Requirements and Consequences

  • Community Service is a required commitment upon enrollment that will appear on the transcript (HS) and report card (HS and MS).
  • A student or their advisor may request an “Excellent” for their Community Service work by petitioning the faculty.
  • Students enrolled for less than a full year have a pro-rated commitment and may negotiate the closing date.
  • If the annual requirement is not met, an F will appear on the transcript and/or report card. Students must complete any missing hours in the following year. If hours are completed successfully, the F will be removed from the transcript.
  • An F for Community Service in any year places a student on academic probation for the following year. One consequence of Academic probation is that it prevents any senior from accessing Senior Privileges.

Community Service Recording and Credit

Records of Community Service hours are submitted to the student’s Advisor in the high school and to Pam Ward in the middle school with signature and contact information as well as a brief description of the work. Please use this form – Community Service Form – to record all Community Service Hours.

  • Community Service work is recorded by the student on their resume on Naviance (HS only).
  • Students should use the approved form found on the TSA website to record their Community Service experiences. Hours will not be counted until a student has filled out, and turned in, a form.
  • Forms should be submitted as the Community Service work is completed, at any time throughout the school year before June 1st.
  • Community Service hours submitted after June 1st may not be incorporated into a student’s record immediately. Late submissions will be processed as time permits.
  • High school community service completion (or failure to complete) will be noted on a student’s college transcript.
  • The Community Service form requires an adult signature to vouch for the student’s work. Although it is preferable to obtain the signature of the person for whom the Service was performed, it is permissible for a parent to sign on their behalf.

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