Mission and Core Values


The mission of The Sharon Academy is to nurture

intelligent, independent and creative thinking

in a small school community, awakening students

to their immense potential

and the difference they can make in the world. 


Core Values


We actively embrace our responsibility to educate the next generation according to our mission;

We believe diversity enriches our school community;

We practice flexibility and nimbleness in providing emotional, social, and academic support to meet broad student needs.


We encourage student leadership and value staff who establish strong working relationships with students;

We believe trust and mutual respect among staff and students establish a safe foundation for learning;

We support one another in realizing our full potential as individuals and as a community.


We value a rich and challenging curriculum, which combines academics, arts, athletics, and community service to build the skills and character for a successful, ethical and passionate life.


We value self-determination, self-reliance, and shared responsibility among individuals and as an institution.


We value sound fiscal management with a sustainable revenue model and budget, balancing the true cost of education with frugality and resourcefulness;

We strive for a sustainable approach to the use of resources.

The TSA Core Values Statement is a living document which is reviewed annually.

Our community commits to continuously refining our practice to meet these aspirations.

*Core Values Statement revised by faculty 9/13. Pending board vote.