Free Family Arts Day

Arts Day Header, 2017

The Sharon Academy is partnering with local artists

to provide free, family-friendly activities during our

Free Family Arts Day on
Sunday, March 5th, 2017
from noon – 4pm

• Hands On Arts Workshops •
• Fun for All Ages •
• Taught by Local Artists •

Workshops are in operation between noon and 4:00pm unless otherwise noted.


Most workshops are open to people of all ages and participants can move from one activity to another at their leisure, except where noted. All artists have donated their time to make this day possible.

Stilt Walking  ~  Jewelry Making  ~  Collages on Magnets  ~  Doodling in Math Class
Marbelizing Paper  ~  Casting Sculptural Tiles in Plaster
Coloring Station and Bookmark Creations
Face Painting  ~  Paper Airplane Making  ~  Building Table
Zakka Hand Sewing ~ Circus Arts

Workshop Descriptions

Stilt Walking

Led by artist, TSA Art teacher and TSA alumni parent, Jay Mead

Walk Tall! See things from a different perspective. Strap on some stilts and experience the instant transformation that results.

Jewelry Making*

Led by artist and TSA alumni parent Connie Pircher

Create affordable, fun and fabulous wearable art.  Experiment with making jewelry out of wire, found objects and beads. Connie encourages participants to play with the materials so they can create something of great beauty that wasn’t there before.  Start with a variety of  jewelry finds, fasteners, beads and tools to facilitate a creative process that results in lasting, wearable, giveable art.

Zakka Hand Sewing

Led by artists and TSA Parents Sue Schlabach and Denise Hershey

Learn how to upcycle or artfully repair torn knees in jeans.  Complete sewing projects with a running stitch or raw edge.  The project might be to make a simple pot holder or small drawstring bag to learn some techniques.

Collages on Magnets

Led by artists Mitch and Ann Beck

Create small collages made of bits of paper, magazine pictures, words, and canceled postage stamps.  These will be mounted on magnets that you will then be able to take home and hang on your refrigerator.  A nice reminder of the day.

Doodling in Math Class: Explorations in Geometric Patterns

Led by artist, math tutor and TSA Parent Tracy Gillespie

Have fun integrating the left and right sides of your brain as we play with the patterns created by circles, straight lines that create the illusion of curves, and use the Golden Ratio to create rhythms of leaves and petals that occur in nature. Rational and irrational worlds collide as we follow in the footsteps of an ancient Greek math cult to create perfect triangles, squares, hexagons and octagons using only a straight edge and compass. But what of the pentagon, the shape that was so mathematically elusive the Pythagoreans adopted it as their symbol and only taught its secret to the initiates who proved themselves worthy? You’ll have to come to art class to find out!

Marbleizing Paper

Led by TSA Art Teacher Marcy Innes 

Create beautiful, swirly designs on paper using the technique of marbleizing.

Casting Sculptural Tiles in Plaster

Led by artist and TSA Art Teacher Edythe Wright

This workshop will have participants creating low-relief sculptural plaster tiles from clay molds. We will create a container from clay, and sculpt shapes and forms using simple tools, or just our hands, to create a mold. When it is ready, we will be able to pour plaster in the mold, and within about 40 minutes end up with a one of a kind tile sculpture which can be hung on a wall right away, or painted with watercolor or acrylic paints.

Coloring Station and Bookmark Creations

Led by artist and TSA Art Teacher Matt Aucoin
A wide supply of coloring sheets drawn by local artist, Matt Aucoin, will be set up at the coloring station. Most of the images were requests by Matt’s elementary school students. They include animals, monsters, and often Pokemon. There will be a station to create bookmarks. They can be decorated with crayons or watercolor paints or both. Matt will be there to help the kids generate fun ideas for bookmarks and teach them about the crayon relief technique in watercolor paints.

Face Painting

Led by TSA Students

Be a walking piece of art. A few of TSA’s talented art students will paint your face to become whatever you want to be!

Paper Airplanes

Led by TSA Students

Make your own ultimate paper airplane with the guidance of our students.

Building Table

Led by TSA Students

Using recycled materials, we will create fun sculptures and let our imaginations take flight!