Financing Travel

Travel Costs

Before you commit to a travel program away from TSA, you must meet with your advisor and Florence Tolbert, Student Travel Coordinator. Once you have met with them and discussed your graduation requirements and found a program that interests you, you’ll need to consider costs associated with travel.

1. Some programs offer scholarships. You will need to talk directly with the program administrators to ask what kind of aid is available. They may also have ideas for how to raise funds for your travel.

2. If you attend TSA from a school-choice sending town, it is possible that your program abroad will be approved by your town. In that case, the tuition that would have been paid to TSA, will be forwarded to your travel program for the amount of time you are gone. If the program costs more than the Announced Average Tuition (the amount that TSA receives from sending towns), you would need to make up any difference. If your town does not pay for study abroad, or will not allow TSA to approve your program, you will need to pay the entire fee.

Cost to The Sharon Academy

Student travel has significant costs associated with it for The Sharon Academy.

Costs incurred through student travel include:

  • The travel coordinator and advisor’s supervision of the travel program;
  • The regular need for faculty to work additional hours to get students prepared to leave and caught up when they return;
  • And most significantly, TSA’s loss of student tuition for the semester/year of travel

All together, these add up to a substantial financial impact on our school’s already lean budget.

It is important to note that in some cases TSA may not be able to commit to reserving a student’s space after participation in an extended travel program, especially, if there has not been adequate planning and discussion beforehand.

While TSA wishes to support students in their travel plans, when several students are gone during the year, the drain on our school community can be considerable. We ask that those students and families who are considering a travel experience plan a contribution to TSA to help offset some of the resources expended to make your travel experience successful. A minimum contribution of $500 is suggested.

Please stop in and talk with Jenn Hayslett or contact her at or 802-236-9598, to learn more about how you can support TSA during your travel experience and beyond.