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Welcome and thank you for considering The Sharon Academy.

My goal is to help you find a school that fits your student’s needs: educationally, socially, and developmentally. I work to help families learn about TSA – who we are, what makes our school special – so that they can decide if our environment will help their student to grow and flourish.

The visit day is an integral part of that process. By spending a day shadowing a student at TSA – going to classes, being with our students and teachers – your student will see first-hand what life at TSA could be like for them.

We love visitors at TSA.

We know that the best way to get a sense of our school is to spend a day here, shadowing a current student, taking classes and talking with other students.

How to request a TSA Visit Day.

There are three ways to request a visit day at the TSA Middle School or the High School. Please use which ever way is easiest for you.

    1. Call me at (802)763.2500 x220.
    2. Email me at with the subject line “Visit Request”.
    3. Fill out the following easy Visit Request form.

Regardless of the method you use, I will get back in touch with you within two working days.

Come on in and try us out for size!

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Amber Wylie
Director, Admissions and Communications


Click here to learn more about our Mission and our Core Values.

To review the Enrollment Process for the Middle School, click here: Middle School Enrollment Process

To review the Enrollment Process for the High School, click here: High School Enrollment Process


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We normally schedule visit days on Mon, Tues, Thurs, or Fri.

Please let us know if you have preferred dates in mind.:

We encourage visitors to shadow with a student who is in the grade to which the visitor is applying (for instance, students looking at applying to the 9th grade next year are strongly encouraged to shadow a 9th grader). Is there a student at TSA whom your student already knows and with whom your student would like to shadow?

Thank you for filling out this form. I will be in touch within two working days to help schedule your Visit Day.

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