Wish List

Faculty and Staff Wish List

When asked to imagine what changes would most improve programming and support our students, our faculty and staff came up with a wish list of items which are outside of our current funding capacity.

Thanks to the generosity of several donors and granting organizations, many wishes were fulfilled last year! Thank you to these wonderful angels!

Below is the current faculty/staff wish list organized into the categories of professional development, scholarship, program materials and support, facilities, and lunch program which are currently outside of our funding capacity.

Should you wish to make a special gift in support of furthering TSA’s work, in addition to annual fund support which helps us cover current expenses, please contact Jennifer Hayslett, at 802-236-9598 or jhayslett@sharonacademy.net.

Professional Development

The Sharon Academy is committed to supporting our faculty and staff in furthering their education and training to meet their full potential as teachers and leaders. Our faculty are continuously engaged in improving their practice. Below is a list of professional development opportunities our faculty wishes to pursue.

AP Summer Institute on US History (http://www.stjacademy.org/page.cfm?p=278) $650
AP Summer Institute on World History (http://www.stjacademy.org/page.cfm?p=278) $650

Program Materials and Support

Technology/School-wide Services:  Additional 10 Chromebooks (Macs) $3000 ($1500 matching grant may still be available.)
Technology/School-wide Services: Unified Phone/Intercom system (HS + MS)  $30,000
Technology:  Computers for families in need. $300 ea.
Technology/School-wide Services: Projector mounted in every classroom in HS and MS. Digital overhead readers (ELMO’s).  $500/room for 4 rooms = $2000. (ELMO’s not included.)
Renaissance Faire for the next European History year, 17/18, with an estimate as follows:$500 food supplies
$150 signage boards
$300 fabric for costume augmentation
$50 “coins” for banking system
$200 art supplies/paint
$50 fire bellows
$100 metal/wood materials
$1,350 Total
Educational/School-wide Services: Sponsored publishing of TSA teachers’ drafted texts. $150 per Year per Class
Arts: Money to arrange an annual field trip to Dartmouth’s Baker library to see the Orozco murals and have lunch at Guzano’s. $200

College/Career: Fund a 1 day college visit field trip. This would take place annually in the spring and would be aimed at juniors but sophomores could also attend. Ideally, we would visit 2 schools that are within a reasonable proximity in one day.  Costs include transportation.  Locations would vary year to year but may include:  Burlington, Boston, Amherst, Maine. This would benefit all students but particularly those who do not have the time or resources to make college visits a priority.

Also fund a ½ day field trip each year to CCV and VTC (on a rotating basis) for sophomores.  They would visit a college campus and learn about dual enrollment opportunities.

HS Math Support:  A regularly available adult assistant/tutor in a “math center” who is also available to give 1:1 instruction under IEP’s as needed. where students can get assistance with any math courses currently offered at TSA. $40/hour
Middle School PE: Middle School students need a better way to get indoor exercise during the winter months. Ideas:

  • A new surface for basement floor.  (Looking into cost of squares.)
  • And/or $ for transportation to the hs a few afternoons a week to use the gym. (Fuel cost would be 4 round trip trips between ms and hs,  2x/week.)
MS Math: New math books for 7th grade regular paced kids.  Our math books are ancient. $1000. ish($100. x10)
MS Life Skills/Problem Solving: Fund Troy Wunderle – an extra day each year in the fall to get circus skills started before the circus interim. We did it this year thanks to a generous donor – and it was amazing! It helped get our students geared into skill-building early on. Now everyone is outside juggling and doing ripstick during lunch instead of standing around. $800.
MS Educational Services: Tutoring during school day at middle school.  x 8 x about 33 weeks. This is needed for several students. $20.hour
HS Educational Support:  Monitor needed for Basketball season study hall teacher after school – 4 days a week, not including Fridays, from end of November to end of February. Our basketball players hang out at the school for many hours. It would be helpful to have an adult to help focus on studies. $25/hour for 2 hours/day
Music: “Real Books” in C and other keys, other music to build a music library for various instrumentation, hire guest musicians, create instrument storage space, buy and maintain TSA instruments. $2500
Counseling Services: Small budget for counseling office supplies- stress balls, question cards, counseling tools/books $100
Counseling Services: ASCA membership (American School Counselor Association) approx. $60/year
HS Life Skills: One time budget for Path Classes to purchase curriculum materials such as videos and books. $600-$800
Music/Interim support: sponsorship of adult musician’s chairs, rental of musical instruments, royalties. $2000
School-wide Services: Desktop scanner color scanner – DR-C225scan donor contributions, articles, student records, immunizations, etc to eliminate paper storage as well as ease of access. $550


At this time, there are significant facility needs – most pressing is the elimination of the yurts. A group meets regularly to make a facilities plan. The most significant ticket items are not included below and will be shared publicly once decisions are finalized.

Athletics/Athletic Fundraising/Home Ec.: A post & beam summer kitchen at the field house $2,000
Athletics: As recently discussed with John Morton, trail designer, a 5K woods trail that is suitable for hosting XC races while also allowing recreational nordic skiing, hiking and possibly mountain biking.  This main trail could have other smaller, single track trails branching off.  The trail system would be accessible to the community outside of TSA as well. $20,000 (less with volunteer labor)
Athletics: Refurbish the long jump pit.  Roll up runway and level the surface underneath, adding hardpack as needed. Possibly install new wood edging. Weed pit area and replace existing sand with clean sand. $200?
Athletics – Locker Rooms: These would reduce clutter in the gym by giving students a designated place to store their sports equipment. This space could also be used for changing rooms during interim. Not having this space affects the majority of our students, teacher’s classrooms and visiting teams negatively.
School-wide Facilities Need: The yurts need to be replaced with real classroom space. The yurts are not lockable, do not have lights and are only environmentally adequate when the outside air temp is between 20 – 75 deg F. Building cost for 3 Classrooms
Science: Sturdy tables for MS Science room (like randy built at high school) with power outlets.  Or Sturdy tables and outlets coming out of the science room floor in strategic places.
Science: Small storage cabinet for chemicals (acids & bases) & flammables so that some chemicals can be safely stored in the HS biology room  $200
Life Skills/Special Services: A quiet space for yoga and/or mindfulness groups and electives.
Career/College Advisory – More Still Needed:  Update College & Career Advising/ Dean of Students office so that it is a comfortable and accessible space for students. Add shelving/cabinetry on right wall. Purchase a small chair or sofa and a rug, paint the walls. $250

Lunch Program

A set up for serving lunch food at the middle school. Revamp the area near the downstairs sink. $300?
Fresh Fruit Available at Middle School & High School for the year. Students who normally do not eat, will grab fruit when available. $2500
Rolling Cart with sides to transport food/dishes $200
Induction Burner and stock pot $500